Bharat Shetty Architects & Interior Designers assumed its present structure in 1994 and focuses on two main areas of works architecture and interior designing. The company has grown steadily with the involvement of a strong team, in line with the company's policy to resist over expansion and maintain a hands-on approach in the pursuit of quality and design excellence.

The company provides a service which goes beyond design consultancy perse. As our directors have an intrinsic understanding of the building industry through current experience from our interior construction arm, a symbiotic relationship exists whereby knowledge is shared and applied. Decisions are made based on tried and tested methods.

Results are achieved without sacrificing the integrity of design. Having said this our team of designers constantly seeks to expose themselves to new technologies, construction techniques and materials to achieve innovative and creative solutions whilst achieving the target milestones of a project.

The company has a strong hotel and restaurant portfolio, with increasing exposure in office and commercial spaces and high end residential projects. Our design philosophy is to produce designs that capture the spirit and ethos of the moment and are innovative and unique.

The company's ultimate goal is to satisfy our client's requirements whilst staying true to our philosophy, with an unwavering commitment to excellence in the quality of our service and end product.

The company strives to achieve the same level of excellence for projects across the board, be it architecture or interiors.